The World in Dress: Costume books across Italy,  Europe and the East

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EUI Visual and Material History Working Group hosts a book presentation by Giulia Calvi (Università di Siena).

In the early modern period costume books and albums participated in the shaping of a new visual culture that displayed the diversity of the people of the known world on a variety of media including maps, atlases, screens, and scrolls. At the crossroads of early anthropology, geography, and travel literature, this textual and visual production blurred the lines between art and science. Costume books and albums were not a unique European production: in the Ottoman Empire and the Far East artists and geographers also pictured the dress of men and women of their own and faraway lands hybridizing the Renaissance western tradition. Acknowledging this circulation of knowledge and people through migration, travel, missionary and diplomatic encounters, The World in Dress contributes to the expanding field of early modern cultural studies in a global perspective.