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On 16 May 2019 – with William Lindgren (EUI)

Meet & Discuss Session

In this session, we will discuss how the free open-source software TROPY can be used as a useful tool in order to organise and describe the reproduction of visual sources. This session intends to complement the presentation organised by the EUI library in April.

Our colleague, William Lindgren, will give a presentation on how he has found Tropy useful in order to manage and organise sizeable and miscellaneous pictorial research material. William will go through how he has chosen to use the ‘list’ and ‘tag’ functions to create structures and to find individual, as well as, groups of images.

Tropy has been developed for historical archival research in order to facilitate the storage of photographs of research material and the related information. Thus, William will discuss how Tropy is well-suited for both searchable image-analyses and transcriptions of written sources and how it is possible to use the program in many different ways. He looks forward to a general discussion about the usefulness and challenges of this tool.