Some EUI groups

These are some EUI groups which are already active within the Institute. If you are interested in what they are doing you can get in touch with them directly or ask me at [email protected] to put you in contact.

  • The Refugee Initiative: The EUI has signed an agreement with Caritas Firenze and the Fiesole Parish to host a group of six asylum-seekers in two apartments located in the Badia Fiesolana. The objective is to offer them the means to integrate and start their life in Europe. Volunteers who can offer language classes, trainings, access to the library and social activities are very welcome
  • Engaged Academics: A group of EUI researchers organizes public debates, conferences and roundtables with citizens, local associations, schools and other institutions on the current challenges that the EU is facing (migration, social policy, gender equality issues, environmental and human rights protection, etc.). They aim at making civil society benefit from EUI researchers’ skills and knowledge, and providing young engaged academics – from every department – with a “civil society perspective” on their research topics.
  • The soup-kitchen group: A group of EUI members helps at a Caritas soup-kitchen once a month. Contact Katy Morris for further info