The European Parliament vs. the Hungarian Government

For the first time ever, on September 12, the European Parliament (EP) launched Article 7 TEU (Lisbon Treaty) proceedings against Hungary’s government. The Parliament began the action by adopting a report by Judith Sargentini, a member from the Netherlands. The report lists 12 major concerns from the functioning of the constitutional and the electoral system to economic […]

New Book: Constitutional Argument and Institutional Structure in the United States

In collaboration with Hart Publishing, we are pleased to support the recent publication of Nicholas Papaspyrou’s book Constitutional Argument and Institutional Structure in the United States. Readers of our blog can receive a 20% discount by ordering online at www.hartpublishing.co.uk and using the code CV7 at the checkout. Abstract: US constitutional jurisprudence often conflates two distinct enquiries: how […]

Fidesz and Faith: Ethno-Nationalism in Hungary

“The protection of Hungary’s self-identity and its Christian culture is the duty of all state organizations” says one of the new provisions of the 7th Amendment that was adopted on 20 June to change the country’s Fundamental Law of 2011. This article will highlight the legal, cultural and political background to this with possible consequences. […]