Addressing the Refugees Crisis in Europe: Protection, Vulnerability, Security.

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Round Table Discussion prior to the Conference on Human Dignity and the Constitutional Crisis in Europe

Wednesday 14th June 2017, 11:30-13:00

Sala del Capitolo, Badia Fiesolana

We invite members of the EUI community prior to our two-day conference on Human Dignity and the Constitutional Crisis in Europe: Humanity, Democracy, Social Europe to discuss ‘whose’ protection, vulnerability and security is/should be shaping the European response to those who have fled persecution (e.g. is our response shaped by the perceived vulnerability of European people/culture/prosperity? And, if so, do we see the refugee as a threat to our security, rather than a vulnerable human being in need of protection? How should we reconcile the security needs of society and refugees?).

Darshan Datar (LL.M researcher, EUI), Ricardo Rodrigues de Oliveira (PhD researcher, EUI) and Joshua Eve (PhD researcher at Portsmouth) will provide short opening comments.