Oliver Garner

The European Citizens Initiative on a European Free Movement Mechanism: A New Hope or a False Start for UK nationals after Brexit?

By Oliver Garner I. Introduction: A New Initiative for UK nationals After Brexit? On 11 January 2016, the European Commission registered a European Citizens Initiative to create a “European Free Movement Instrument”. The purpose of the Initiative is to lobby the European Union institutions to create a mechanism by which individuals may be directly granted […]

A Report from Budapest: “Reforming the European Union – Central European Perspectives” workshop at the Central European University, 18th March 2017

Report kindly written by Oliver Garner, 2nd year researcher at the EUI and member of the ConstPol team On Saturday 18th March 2017, the Central European University in Budapest hosted the workshop “Reforming the EU – Central European Perspectives”. The event was organised by the Hungarian European Society and the EUI Professor Gábor Halmai and […]

After Fragmentation: The Constitution of a Core European Citizenry?

Everywhere you look, Europe seems to be at a turning point. The prospect of complete withdrawal of an EU Member State (‘Brexit’) is only the most dramatic instance of a general trend of fragmentation in European integration. For the first time in the history of the Union, every national of a Member State may lose their […]

An initial call for clarity over the ‘constitutional requirements’ for withdrawing from the European Union

By Oliver Garner (UK), Ph.D. Candidate and the European University Institute. Oliver is generally interested in EU constitutional law and theory and the constitutional law of the Member States. The current legal challenge to the UK government’s constitutional authority to trigger Article 50 TEU is the supporting act to the main event political drama of […]