The Constitutionalism and Politics Working Group was created in September 2017 at the initiative of four researchers from the European University Institute (Elena Brodeală , Théo Fournier, Bartosz Krzysztof Marciniak, Juha Tuovinen). The team for 2020/2021 is Inese Freimane-Deksne, Hilary Hogan, Maciej Krogel, Maria Kotsoni, Kasia Krzyżanowska, Carolin Lerch, Catriona Mullay and Julian Scholtes.

The Constitutionalism and Politics Working Group at the EUI is a platform for researchers who are interested in matters related to democracy and constitutionalism. Whereas politics cannot be exercised without properly operating institutional and legal framework, such a framework cannot make do without politics. It is this interplay between constitutionalism and politics and possible tensions created thereby that is of particular interest to our working group. The WG is devoted particularly to issues related to constitutional backsliding and political crises; constitutional reform and constitutional review; constitutional rights; the functioning of the rule of law: separation of powers in particular and checks and balances in general. Researchers working in areas of constitutional and political theory, legal and political philosophy, as well as history of ideas are particularly welcome.

We regularly host talks, book launches and seminars related to constitutionalism and politics in the widest sense. In addition, we run the ‘Constitutional Coffee’ series, which provides a forum for academic exchange in a less formal setting. Find us at @constpol or drop us an email at [email protected] to get in touch! We welcome blog submissions.

The group is grateful for the support of Prof. Gábor Halmai