New book: The Constitution of Romania – A Contextual Analysis

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converted_file_f210ae3bIn April 2016, Hart Publishing released the book “The Constitution of Romania – A Contextual Analysis” by Bianca Selejan Guțan.

According to the publisher’s website, “this book provides a contextual analysis of the Romanian constitutional system, with references to the country’s troubled constitutional history and to the way in which legal transplantation has been used. The Constitution’s grey areas, as well as the gap between the written constitution and the living one, will also be explained through the prism of recent events that cast a negative shadow upon the democratic nature of the Romanian constitutional system.”

The book has been received with highly positive reviews. For example, Bogdan Iancu wrote that “the book offers its reader a superb, highly insightful and informative, introduction to the Romanian Constitution and the avatars of contemporary Romanian constitutionalism. Indeed, this is the first self-standing volume on the topic published in English, with an international press, for an international academic audience.” (our emphasis)

Bianca Selejan-Guțan, PhD, is Professor of Constitutional Law and Human Rights Law at the Faculty of Law, ‘Lucian Blaga’ University of Sibiu, Romania.

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