Professor Andras Sajo on “Constitutionalism in Closing Societies”

University Professor Andras Sajo, founder of the Department of Legal Studies at CEU and former judge at the European Court of Human Rights, recently delivered a lecture on “Constitutionalism in Closing Societies”. Noteworthy, Sajo explains that “constitutionalism’s imperfections contribute to the closing of open societies” and that “institutional shortcomings are the common heritage of the […]

Special topic on the Romanian Constitution at 25 in the ICL Journal

The Romanian Constitution turned 25 last year. The Vienna Journal on International Constitutional Law (‘ICL Journal’) has published in its last two issues four articles critically examining the Romanian Constitution since its adoption in 1991 until its quarter-century anniversary (see issues 3/2017 and 4/2017). The Romanian Constitution is probably one of the least researched constitutions […]

Populist Constitutionalism? (6): Kim Lane Scheppele on Autocratic Legalism

The final contribution in our series on populism and constitutionalism comes from Kim Lane Scheppele, Laurance S. Rockefeller Professor of Sociology and International Affairs at Princeton University, who discusses the ways in which modern autocrats in Hungary, Turkey, and elsewhere hide inside the language of constitutionalism whilst dismantling constitutional orders. Professor Scheppele will be the keynote speaker […]

Populist Constitutionalism? (5): Whence the Populists Rise in the East? Lessons for Democratisation and Constitutional Theory

In anticipation of our Workshop on Populism and Constitutionalism on 20 November (info & sign up here) we are publishing a series of blog posts in which the speakers will outline their thoughts on the topic. In today’s contribution, Bojan Bugarič, Professor of  Law at the University of Ljubljana, reflects on the causes of the populist […]