Constitutional Crisis

Lecture: A critical overview on the tension between rule of law and populism in Romania by Prof. Elena-Simina Tănăsescu

The Constitutionalism and Politics Working Group had the pleasure to organize the talk: A critical overview on the tension between rule of law and populism in Romania by Elena-Simina Tănăsescu (Professor of Constitutional Law and EU Law, University of Bucharest and adviser on constitutional reform of the President of Romania) On Wednesday, 31st of May, […]

A Report from Budapest: “Reforming the European Union – Central European Perspectives” workshop at the Central European University, 18th March 2017

Report kindly written by Oliver Garner, 2nd year researcher at the EUI and member of the ConstPol team On Saturday 18th March 2017, the Central European University in Budapest hosted the workshop “Reforming the EU – Central European Perspectives”. The event was organised by the Hungarian European Society and the EUI Professor Gábor Halmai and […]

Departmental Seminar held by Prof. Gábor Halmai (LAW)

The first Law Departmental Seminar at the European University Institute of this academic year took place on Wednesday, 19th of October. Professor Martin Scheinin (LAW, Professor of International Law and Human Rights)  and the other participants commented on the paper “Second-grade Constitutionalism? Hungary and Poland: How the EU Can and Should Cope With Illiberal Member […]

Inaugural Lecture: A crisis of constitutional democracy in post-Communist Europe: “Lands in-between” democracy and authoritarianism by Prof. Bojan Bugarič

On 4 October, for its first event, the newly created Working Group on Constitutionalism and Politics was honoured to welcome Professor Bojan Bugarič. Bojan Bugarič is Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Ljubljana and Visiting Researcher, Center for European Studies, Harvard University. With a specific focus on Hungary and Slovenia, Prof. Bugarič analysed […]