“Constitutions in the Crosshairs: Europe in 2018” – event at William & Mary Law School – January 25, 2018

Europe, as a distinct political and economic body as well as a collection of separate states, is facing constitutional challenges from within and without. Brexit, Catalonia, Poland, Hungary and Romania – as well as events within the European Union itself – all present challenges to European principles of constitutionalism. On Thursday, January 25, 2018, the […]

Professor Andras Sajo on “Constitutionalism in Closing Societies”

University Professor Andras Sajo, founder of the Department of Legal Studies at CEU and former judge at the European Court of Human Rights, recently delivered a lecture on “Constitutionalism in Closing Societies”. Noteworthy, Sajo explains that “constitutionalism’s imperfections contribute to the closing of open societies” and that “institutional shortcomings are the common heritage of the […]

Lecture: A critical overview on the tension between rule of law and populism in Romania by Prof. Elena-Simina Tănăsescu

The Constitutionalism and Politics Working Group had the pleasure to organize the talk: A critical overview on the tension between rule of law and populism in Romania by Elena-Simina Tănăsescu (Professor of Constitutional Law and EU Law, University of Bucharest and adviser on constitutional reform of the President of Romania) On Wednesday, 31st of May, […]

Populist Constitutionalism

Populist engagement with constitution-making and constitutional reform forms a distinctive, and in significant ways worrying, tendency. Populism is explicitly present in the constitutional politics of the East-Central European countries of Hungary and Poland (but not reducible to East-Central Europe), and is causing important tensions in the European Union, which proclaims to be grounded in the […]