Patricia Kombo: Tree Planter and Environmental Activist

Patricia Kombo is a 24-year-old environmental activist and tree planter from Kenya. She currently studies communication and journalism at Moi University, but her passion for the environment stemmed from a younger age as she grew up surrounded by nature in her small home village in Makueni. She is the founder and leader of the the […]

Kate Yeo: Plastics and Climate Youth Activist

Kate Yeo is an 18-year-old Youth activist from Singapore who found her activism feet in the fight against single use plastics in Singapore. She created the ‘Bring Your Own Bottle’ Movement, a national campaign against single-use disposable plastics that encourages Small and Medium Sized Businesses to offer customer benefits for bringing their own reusable products […]

Event: Decolonial Approaches to Environmental Law

On 18th November 2020, the EUI Environmental Law and Governance Working Group held its first event of the year; ‘Decolonial Approaches to Environmental Law. Our fellow EUI law researchers Arpitha Kodiveri and Julie Wetterslev facilitated the interactive and insightful session for the Working Group and other attendees.  Julie Wetterslev and Arpitha Kodiveri brought the workshop […]