The International Trade and Investment Law Working Group has been founded by EUI researchers under the direction of Professor Petros Mavroidis with the aim of providing a forum for the discussion of contemporary issues of International Trade and International Investment Law and where experts in the fields of trade and investment have agreed to present their most recent work.

The Working Group is sponsored by the International Trade Observatory from the RSCAS Global Governance Program and by the EUI Law Department.

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The Working Group convenes in twice-a-month meetings where researchers and experts have the opportunity to discuss and exchange views on the issues in question. The Working Group also organizes workshops and roundtable, in coordination with EUI Law Department Seminar on WTO Dispute Settlement. Such events allow the participation of more students and debates between several keynote speakers.

Mads Adenas (University of Oslo and member of the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention – Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights), Zachary Douglas (Graduate Institute, Geneva), Giorgio Sacerdoti (Bocconi University, Milan), Serafino Marchese and Mark Koulen (WTO), to mention but a few, participate in the forum.

While the research area that this Working Group is due to cover is vast, the following indicative list gives an idea of the issues that have been addressed over this year.

These issues include but are not limited to the Settlement of Disputes in both the WTO and International Investment as well as their comparison, the status of non-market economies and their organs (e.g. Sovereign Wealth Funds) in WTO and Investment Law, litigation and procedural issues with a particular emphasis on the jurisdictional conflicts between tribunals, energy law and its interaction with both regimes, the law and economics of the WTO and Investment Law dispute settlement mechanisms.