Library Data Resources: Data Protection and Ethical Use

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At a time when the EUI Library is providing unprecedented off-campus access to data resources – we remind users of their obligations regarding data protection and ethical use. EUI users may not distribute, or allow any other party to have access to data which is provided under Library license. Special terms and conditions apply to the use of micro-socioeconomic and qualitative data. This reflects the sensitive nature of observations about human subjects, families and households. Such terms and conditions apply to (i) data hosted by the Library for EUI members (ii) data gathered and used during research projects, and (iii) data provided directly to EUI members under third-party license. Terms and conditions of access and use for all datasets hosted by the Library, are provided in the ‘full details’ section of the individual resource guides in the Library’s Data Portal. Access to, and use of, databases provided by the EUI Library are subject to contractual license agreements and copyright terms. Full details are on the Library’s Terms and Conditions page. [ctd.]

Data users are individually responsible for compliance with terms and conditions of access and use. All EUI users must scrupulously abide by the terms and conditions of access to, and use of, data provided under license to the EUI community. Violation of license terms puts at risk other EUI members’ future access to data resources.

Some data issuers require that access contracts be established directly with end-users. If a data issuer also requests the counter-signature of an EUI administrator (‘guarantor’), please write to [email protected]

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