Upgraded EUI Library Banking Data Platform launched on 10 November: S&P Global Market Intelligence

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The EUI Library now provides access to the upgraded and re-branded Standard & Poor’s Global Market Intelligence data platform (replacing SNL Financial). This is the EUI’s premier resource for banking sector data. Preëxisting EUI usernames and passwords, profile settings, and alerts do not need to be changed.  S&P Global Market Intelligence provides data on financial markets, banks and financial institutions worldwide. Coverage of the global banking sector includes financial statements, ownership information, market analysis, filings, mergers and acquisitions’ information and sectoral news. ctd…

The top search-box locates information on: S&P Capital IQ Financials; corporate structure; key developments; people (titles/roles); ownership; estimates; takeover defense and corporate governance. The S&P Excel add-in (EUI desktops) can be used for the selection and elaboration of data variables, geographical coverage and time series.  Users can set up news alerts via the ‘News’ tab in the top-bar > ‘My News.’  The upgrade includes the following platform changes:

– ‘Transactions’ was formerly ‘Mergers & Acquisitions’
– ‘Securities Summary’ was formerly ‘Capital Structure
– ‘Market Data’ now includes interest rate derivatives, repo rates and indices

Data coverage for European banks is up to 15 years. Coverage for North America is up to 30 years. Data coverage for banks in emerging markets averages five years.

– An overview of the platform is at this link
– Banking sector data is introduced at this link
– A virtual tour, focusing on November 2017 enhancements, is at this link

How EUI members can access S&P banking data

– First-time users should go to this S&P Global Market Intelligence link
– When the S&P homepage opens, click the ‘Register’ tab
– Enter an EUI mail account
– An activation message is sent to the EUI address\Open the email and click on the link
– Complete the registration form
– A second link is sent by email
– Click on the link and set a password
– Agree to the Terms and Conditions by ticking in the box provided
– Under Profile: select Banking Sector and under Industry; ‘Banking’
– Click Next
– A new screen opens. Enter time-zone and topics.

Example of European banking data download

– Click Apps at top left of the S&L homepage
– Select Screener (last in drop-down menu)
– Make selections: Geography > select (eg.) ‘Europe’ at right dropdown menu; Industry > select ‘Banking’
– Operating status > ‘Operating companies’ or ‘Acquired/defunct companies’
– Ownership status > select ‘Listed’ and/or ‘Non-Listed’
– Coverage depth > select ‘Full’ and/or ‘Summary’
– Consolidation status > select ‘Consolidated’ or ‘Unconsolidated’
– Click Run screen.

Excel short-cut to S&P Global Market Intelligence

S&P Global Market Intelligence can also be accessed directly from Excel on EUI desktops. An Excel add-in that allows users to extract data directly from the S&P Global Market Intelligence platform directly into MS Excel workbooks for further elaboration and subsetting. Workbooks can subsequently be updated. Open Excel from Start > Programmes on an EUI desktop computer. Click on the ‘SNL’ tab at the upper right of the top menu.

Managing news alerts

The S&P Global Market Intelligence platform generates daily news alerts. These alerts are generated from the profile selections made during registration (sectoral interests, geographical location &c.).

– To change – or discontinue – news alerts, follow these instructions:
– Go to News in the top-bar of the S&P homepage
– Create Alert at right of page
– Select / de-select:
– Basic information: sector / geographical region
– News and Industry research filters
– Documents and Filings filters
– Events filters
– Transcripts filters
– Key Developments filters
– Click Save.

EUI members also have access to these related databases

Datastream (Thomson Reuters) global financial and macroeconomic platform covering equities, stock market indices, currencies, company fundamentals, fixed income securities and key economic indicators for 175 countries and 60 markets

Amadeus (BvD / Moody’s Analytics) database of comparable financial and business information on Europe’s largest 510,000 public and private companies by total assets. 43 countries are covered.

Finaeon Global Financial Database (GFD Corp.) providing long-range financial data series on stocks, bonds, bills and other instruments, covering approximately 200 countries from the medieval period to present.

For support, write to Thomas Bourke: [email protected]