What to do after Google Reader closed down?

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Google takeout

Did you forget to export your data before Google Reader shut down definitively back on July 1? Don’t worry, it’s not too late to save your data. It’s still possible to export your data and import it in another RSS reader.

The following suggests one potential strategy to gain access to all your Google Reader information and export it into another RSS reader:
1. Sign into your Google account associated with Google Reader
2. Go to the Google Takeout
3. Click on “Choose Services” and select Reader
4. After Google Takeout has analysed your available data, click on “Create Archive”
5. Download the archive’s zip file

Now you have to import Google Takeout data using a new reader. I am currently trying Feedly.com and so far it has worked quite well and been successful in helping me to move on from Google Reader. There is also a mobile version that allows you to read your RSS on your mobile devices too. And, probably most importantly, it’s free! So let’s see how to import your Google Reader data into Feedly:
1. Unzip the Google Reader archive zip file just downloaded
2. After having created and entered into your Feedly account, click on the list button on the top-left of the screen
3. Click on “My Content” and then “Importing OPLM”
4. Select and enter into the folder created unzipping the archive’s zip file and then the “Reader” folder
5. Select the “subscriptions.xml” file and press “Choose”
6. At this point, Feedly will import your full Google Reader account and afterwards you will be able to start again to read your RSS in a fancy and user-friendly environment. Enjoy!