Why Canada is Facing an Exodus of Skilled Migrants

The recent study conducted by the Institute for Canadian Citizenship in 2022 sheds light on a disconcerting trend among new immigrants, suggesting a potential decline in their enthusiasm for Canada compared to previous decades. The study reveals that more than one-fifth of recent immigrants are contemplating leaving the country. This phenomenon is particularly pronounced among […]

There’s still strong support for Ukrainian refugees across Europe: new evidence from eight countries.

New research from the Migration Policy Centre shows continued high levels of public support in eight European countries for refugees from Ukraine since the full-scale Russian invasion. Europeans remain strongly supportive of Ukrainian refugees with little sign so far of ‘compassion fatigue’ setting in, at least so far as Ukrainian refugees are concerned. The picture […]

Why liberal refugee policies need enemies

In 2022 Europe experienced the largest refugee influx since World War II. Europe’s response to the Ukrainian refugee movement drew positive headlines at first. Later, however, frustration and disappointment prevailed. The oft-invoked paradigm shift toward a humanitarian refugee policy failed to materialise. Instead, the first ever activation of the EU Temporary Protection Directive triggered a […]