What commercial flight data can tell us about irregular migration

When discussing immigration, we often categorize migrants into two groups: those who follow legal pathways (regular) and those who enter a country through clandestine means (irregular). However, there exists a third, less recognized category known as overstayers. These individuals initially arrive in a country with a valid visa but stay beyond the authorized period. Typically, […]

Can the EU achieve a more coherent policy on climate mobility? The nexus approach could help

The EU has been facing one challenge after the next. This age of polycrisis is marked by the complex web of environmental, socio-economic, and security issues. Climate change will not only exacerbate these multidimensional risks but also impact the drivers of migration and mobility. It is this interplay of factors that demands attention, forward-planning, and […]

Most Ukrainians now identify as Europeans: Reshaping identity in times of war

Putin expected to destabilize or even demolish the EU with the huge wave of migrants that followed the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. Instead, the opposite happened: it greatly enhanced the sense of European identity. Following the Russian invasion there was an unprecedented increase of solidarity among Europeans and a remarkable doubling of the level […]

Who’s leading refugee policy? Increasingly, refugees

In just a few days, world leaders will gather in Geneva for the Global Refugee Forum. Who will be included, perhaps in the most significant way since the adoption of the Geneva Convention almost 70 years ago? Refugees themselves. The Global Refugee Forum is significant symbolically and practically for the future of refugee policy, bringing […]

How a small organisation can influence EU migration policies: lessons for the research-policy nexus

Europe’s migration challenges 30 years ago weren’t the same as they are today, but they were pressing and unprecedented at the time. A small organisation emerged to respond: the Migration Policy Group (MPG), a think-tank founded in 1995, would end up playing a pivotal role in shaping the discourse on migration, integration, and anti-discrimination. How […]