Public Attitudes

Do you know what the research says about public attitudes to migration?

Did you know that we produce comprehensive data to help you understand attitudes toward migration in Europe? Recently, we created a quiz for you to test your own knowledge. Quiz questions #1: True or false? Research suggests that people’s attitudes to migration are highly subject to day-to-day 📆 experiences and remain volatile throughout life ↩️ ↪️ #2: […]

Acceptance of Refugees and Solidarity in the EU

The European Union is still feeling the reverberations of the 2015 migrant crisis, which sowed deep divisions among member states about the acceptance of refugees and migrants. Against this background, the Ukraine crisis has triggered the largest inflow of refugees in Europe since the second world war. As part of the ERC Synergy Project SOLID […]

“Tone-Checking” Articles About Muslims

The contrast in attitudes toward refugees from Ukraine in 2022 compared to those from Syria in 2015 is stark and notable. While a range of factors shape this difference, the media’s portrayal of Muslims and Islam undoubtedly plays a role. Scholars have demonstrated how widespread negative coverage of Muslims affects both attitudes and policy preferences. […]

Governments’ Information Campaigns for Potential Migrants: What’s the Point?

Debates about governmental information campaigns targeted at migrants raises crucial and underexplored questions that have huge implications for migration governance: who monitors the content and quality of such messages? How can quality assurance incorporate greater political accountability? While already a pressing concern in more general debate about governmental social media communication and political interests, this […]