Theatre Workshop with Officine Cavane

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On 15 March 2019, the EUI Refugee Initiative organised a theatre workshop at the EUI together with the Italian cooperative Officine Cavane. It is a unique community based in the countryside near San Miniato, Pisa, where more than 40 asylum seekers live and take part in creative workshops and the fostering of the shared space. In January, a small delegation of the EUI Refugee Initiative had visited Cavane. The trip was a huge success and our guests bonded so well with the Cavane community that we decided to organise another joint event. This time it was our turn to invite the Cavane community to the EUI. Our guests, volunteers and other curious members of the EUI community gathered in Sala della Colonna for an engaging theatre workshop, singing songs in dozens of different languages, dancing and acting all together. It was exciting to see how these activities helped all participants to overcome their initial shyness and form a unique bond. After the workshop, the party was moved to Bar Fiasco, where everybody enjoyed a tasty fundraising aperitivo and unleashed their internal dancer to the rhythm of djembes, traditional African drums.