How to Reach Florence


If you want to reach Florence by plane, you can do so by flying to one of the three airports conveniently located in or near Florence. Those are

  1. Florence Airport, Peretola (10 Km),
  2. Pisa International Airport (84 Km), and
  3. Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport (107 Km).

To reach Florence city from either airport:

  1. Florence Airport, Peretola: The easiest way to reach Florence from Florence’s Airport is to take the tram (~24 minutes travel time). You can find information related to the tram on the airport’s website.
  2. Pisa International Airport: There are two ways to reach Florence from Pisa’s airport. The first way involves going by train. For this, you just have to take the “Pisa Mover” from the airport to Pisa Central Station, and then, from there, take a train to Florence (~1h 3 minutes travel time). A second way is to go to Florence directly from Pisa’s airport by bus. For this, you can take the bus (~1h 5 minutes travel time) that leads you directly from Pisa’s airport to Florence, Viale XI Agosto .
  3. Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport: Similarly, there are two ways to reach Florence from Bologna’s Airport. First, by train, by taking the “Macroni Express” from the airport to Bologna Central Station, and then, from there, by taking a train to Florence (~54 minutes travel time). Second, you can also take a bus that will lead you directly from the airport to Florence, Piazzale Montelungo (~1h 25 minutes travel time).


The central train station in Florence is Firenze Santa Maria Novella (SMN), most trains will take you there. However, depending on where you will be staying, you should also take into consideration other stations within Florence. Once you reach the station, you can use public transport to reach your destination (see How to reach the EUI page for more info on public transport in Florence).

If you want to have a better price, Book tickets in advance if possible as they are cheaper: &
These are the two companies that operate passenger trains in Italy (Trenitalia & Italotreno). But be careful because they are not just different ways to buy a ticket – they will put you on different trains!


If you are in Italy already, or even if you are coming from outside, make sure to take a look at the possibilities to reach Florence via bus! For this, you can look at FlixBus, Omio, or other similar companies.


Finally, it is possible to reach Florence via car. In that case, beware that moving inside Florence by car is painfully slow due to heavy traffic. Finding parking is also not easy. Plus, it is really not good for the environment, therefore, seeing the other great alternatives to reach the city, we can’t but strongly disadvise coming by car.

A slightly more eco-friendly way to reach Florence by car might be through ride-sharing. For this, you can either look at BlaBlaCar. Or alternatively, when the participants will be definitely selected, we will make available a WhatsApp group through which you can get organised with the other participants that come from a similar location as you.