This Year’s Lectures

Democracy and Society in Europe:
Latest Insights from Political Science and Sociology

The annual Summer Academy organised by the Department of Political and Social Sciences (SPS) provides a fresh perspective on major challenges faced by contemporary European societies. It offers a week of highly interactive lectures and workshops, during which the participants can learn about the latest research findings from studies conducted by the academic experts in the SPS faculty.

Professor Stefano Guzzini will deliver a lecture on power in International relations. Professor Simon Hix’s lecture will review the (re)mergence of a political force in European politics: new young liberals. Professor Filip Kostelka will present an analysis of the current trends in citizen political participation. Professor Waltraud Schelkle will delve into the question of transnational solidarity in Europe. Professor Arnout van der Rijt’s lecture will investigate under what institutional conditions populations exhibit “wisdom of the crowd” and when groupthink leads the herd astray. Finally, Professor Ellen Immergut will deliver a keynote lecture on contemporary theory and empirics for understanding politics and societies: the new institutional behaviouralism. Discussion around these topics and others chosen by the attendees will be further pursued in workshops led by EUI postdoctoral fellows.