Sant Jordi

It’s World Book Day!

For the 8th year, on 23 April, the Library will celebrate World book Day and Sant Jordi – come and share with us your love for books and literature! On April 23rd, Catalonia comes alive with the vibrant celebration of Sant Jordi. This tradition intertwines elements of romance, literature, and cultural heritage into a splendid […]

Can you recommend a book?

The pandemic stress exhausted you and you can’t find a new book to read? Do you want to tell the world about that amazing novel that changed your life? World Book Day – Sant Jordi is coming to help you out! What is it? For the 5th year we will celebrate UNESCO’s World Book Day […]

World Book Day 2019

It’s finally World Book Day – or Sant Jordi, if you like Catalan traditions – at the EUI Library. As promised, we’re sharing your book recommendations on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) all day. If you can’t wait, the complete list is below. We have an excellent variety, so thanks everyone for […]

Read any good books lately?

Here at the Library we love books, so what’s new – have you ever met a librarian who doesn’t read? So, we decided to dip into the world of non-academic books whilst celebrating the wonderful diverse community of the EUI. For the last couple of years we have embraced a Catalan tradition, that of Sant […]