global history

Museo Stibbert

Our introductory meeting takes place as a museum visit to Museo Stibbert! Working and living in a historic city and historic buildings, we want to think about what the visuality and materiality surrounding us does to our lives and work. The diverse collections of the Stibbert invites a close look into thinking and working with objects as […]

Disconnected Histories 

Co-hosted with UNIFI, with Zoltán Biedermann, Martin Dusinberre, Beatrice Falcucci, Valeska Huber and Luc Wodzicki As of late, global approaches revolving around connectivity have lost a great part of their explanatory power. Limitations of global history and connected history are rising to the fore through critical discussions and conferences. In a world threatened by disruption […]

Florence: Global?  

Speakers: Lia Markey (Newberry Library), Giorgio Riello (EUI), Giulia Calvi (Università di Siena/EUI), Brian Brege (Syracuse University), Alessio Assonitis (The Medici Archive Project), Valentina Conticelli (Galleria degli Uffizi), Justin Randolph Thompson (Black History Month Florence) Abstract: When it comes to a cityscape that has shaped the popular visual and material impression of ‘The Renaissance’ only one name comes to mind. A name […]

CALL FOR PAPERS – Food in Medieval and Early Modern Societies

  CALL FOR PAPERS 2nd EUI Conference in Visual and Material Culture Studies Scandalous Feasts and Holy Meals: Food in Medieval and Early Modern Societies (12th-18th centuries)                          25th May 2021 European University Institute, Florence (via Zoom) Organizing committee: Moïra Dato, Matthias Ebejer, Ana […]