Professor Andras Sajo on “Constitutionalism in Closing Societies”

University Professor Andras Sajo, founder of the Department of Legal Studies at CEU and former judge at the European Court of Human Rights, recently delivered a lecture on “Constitutionalism in Closing Societies”. Noteworthy, Sajo explains that “constitutionalism’s imperfections contribute to the closing of open societies” and that “institutional shortcomings are the common heritage of the […]

Constitutional Adjudication: Traditions and Horizons, LUISS University, Rome, 5-6 May 2017

The International Association of Constitutional Law IACL and LUISS University are co-organizing a Roundtable with the participation of distinguished academics and judges from different Supreme and Constitutional Courts from all over the world. The Roundtable will focus on constitutional adjudication on a comparative basis, with a special emphasis on constitutional adjudication, social movements, justice, morality […]

New book: The Constitution of Romania – A Contextual Analysis

In April 2016, Hart Publishing released the book “The Constitution of Romania – A Contextual Analysis” by Bianca Selejan Guțan. According to the publisher’s website, “this book provides a contextual analysis of the Romanian constitutional system, with references to the country’s troubled constitutional history and to the way in which legal transplantation has been used. The […]